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Tomato Hornworm405 views (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon 09-24-2010)
False Garlic, Nutgrass, Devil Weed318 viewsNutgrass and False Garlic (upper & lower left) should never be put in the compost pile because it cannot be killed by the heat. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon 03/04/2012)
Ladybug hunting Aphids300 viewsSo many aphids, so little time.
What's a girl to do! Yummy! (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon (photo taken 8/26/2011))
Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans)293 viewsTomato fruits infected with Late Blight.
Dark oily discoloration. Throw them in the trash; do not compost as the spores will not be killed (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon (photo taken 9/2/2011))
Tomato Hornworm285 views (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon 09-24-2010)
Green Keeled Tree Hopper Nymph (Antianthe expansa)283 viewsNymph stage of the Keeled Tree Hopper (Antianthe expansa). Hoppers penetrate the cell walls of the stems and suck out the fluids. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon 9/24/2010)
Ladybugs - Aphid killers283 viewsLadybugs hunt down and eat aphids. Release the ladybugs at sunset so they can settle. In the morning they will breakfast on aphids. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon (photo taken 8/20/2011))
Red Aphids & White Nymphs278 viewsAphids attack weak plants. If a plant is healthy and has a strong vascular system the aphids have difficulty penetrating the cell walls. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon (photo taken 8/20/2011))
Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans)273 viewsLate Blight will cause the fruit to become discolored and blistered with an oily looking sheen. Spores can reside in the soil for years. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon 7/4/2011)
Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans)271 viewsLate Blight spores can be blown in by the wind or be splashed up from the soil when watering. Leaves of the plant turn yellow and brown. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon )
Green Keeled Tree Hopper (Antianthe expansa)269 viewsIt is obvious where the Green Keeled Tree Hopper gets its name. The little horned critters around it are the nymphs. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon 8/7/2010)
Tomato Hornworm (Manduca quinquemaculata)267 viewsThe tomato hornworm is the caterpillar of the Five-Spotted Hawkmoth (Manduca quinquemaculata). Very hard to see in the foliage. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon 8/6/2011)
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