OVF Independent Projects

There are two main purposes for the Independent Projects at OVF:

  1. Beautification - small areas such as the rose beds in Phases I and III and the projects surrounding the meeting area serve to increase the overall appearance of the garden.
  2. Noise protection - areas that protect the garden to some extent from the traffic on nearby Centinela Avenue.

Being assigned an Independent Project is considered to be a privilege. This privilege comes with certain responsibilities. If you cannot meet these responsibilities you should not request an Independent Project.

  1. The Independent Project must be well maintained all year and at your expense. Plants added to the Independent Project become the property of Ocean View Farms.
  2. You will be awarded three (3), towards your community requirement for satisfactorily maintaining your Independent Project. Members may acquire a maximum of twelve (12) hours toward their total community requirement regardless of the number of Independent Projects maintained.
  3. No vegetables or berries may be grown in the Independent Projects. The rose beds must be maintained as such unless an agreement to change is made with the Board of Directors.
  4. The Independent Projects may not be used for composting or storage of personal items.
  5. No additional trees may be planted or structures added without prior approval of the Independent Project Monitor together with the Garden Master.
  6. No trees may be removed without the approval of the Independent Project Monitor and the Garden Master. They will make arrangements for the removal.
  7. For Independent Projects with fruit trees, half of the fruit must be shared with the other members of our community garden by placing it under the tree in the central community area. When possible the fruit should be made available to other garden members on community workdays.
  8. Under no circumstances should fruit be allowed to lie on the ground. It should either be taken to the community area if it is edible, or to the compost area if rotten or damaged.
  9. It is considered a sign of being a good neighbor if cut flowers are occasionally shared with other members of the community.
  10. Pruning of trees should be discussed with the Independent Project Monitor. Members are responsible for all clean-up and removal of debris in a timely manner, should the trees be pruned by the orchard workgroup.
  11. Only the member or associate may work in an Independent Project.

To request an Independent Project please contact the Independent Project Monitor or leave a note in the Independent Project mailbox in the wheelbarrow shed.