For those of you who tend our gardens, weekend parking can be a challenge. Parking is available in the field at Phase IV and on Centinela Avenue where we have two gates; one is by the main path of the orchard, and the other is at the bottom of the driveway. Parking in the driveway at any time is in violation of the enforced Fire Code - don't do it!

Parking and Baseballs Don't Mix

A garden member had her car window broken in the Little League parking lot by a foul ball from the playing field. If possible, it is better to park away from the playing field near Phase IV. Little League does not have insurance to fix your windows. It cost our member $500 as she had a $500 deductible on her insurance. Little League concludes its season in July, but pickup games continue through Fall. A short walk from Phase IV could save you money!