Beautification Workgroup

The Beautification Workgroup is designed to perform general garden maintenance such as weeding and mulching pathways, trash collection and other common chores. This committee is ideal for those gardeners who cannot attend our regular bi-monthly community workdays. Members must Sign Up before performing any work, and must also Report the hours worked with this email link.

Current Beautification Projects

(Listed in preferred order, but you are free to work on any of these tasks)

  1. Weed and mulch along the fence at the top of the garden (on the outside of the garden)
  2. Weed and mulch the North pathway (Path 1) in Phase I
  3. Weed and mulch the South pathway (Path 2) in Phase I
  4. Weed and mulch the pathway (Path 4) between Phase I and Phase II
  5. Weed and mulch the pathway (Path 5) between Phase II and Phase III
  6. Weed and mulch the South pathway (Path 7) in Phase III
  7. Weed and mulch the South pathway (Phase IV South) in Phase IV
  8. Weed and mulch the North pathway (Phase IV North) in Phase IV

View a PDF Map of all path names

Some important rules for working on this committee

  1. A minimum of one hour work is required to receive credit.
  2. Beyond one hour, work will be recorded in 1/2 hour increments only.
  3. You are responsible for bringing your own tools, as the tool shed may not be open when you wish to work.
  4. Any weeded area MUST also be mulched to receive credit. So only weed as much as you can mulch in the time you have.  Mulch is almost always available at the top of Phase III (behind the dumpster) or at the top of Phase IV.
  5. Any work done must be reported within three days of being completed or no credit will be given.
  6. Please direct all work hour credit correspondence to the email address provided below.
  7. If this is absolutely not possible, please leave a deed slip in the mailbox in the wheelbarrow shed marked 'Beautification.'
  8. Please include your name, phase, plot number, work done, work hour credit requested and a brief description of the status of the project, i.e. bottom of main pathway is one half done.
  9. No supervision or instructions will be given for this committee. If you need instructions please arrange to attend a regularly scheduled Saturday workday for directions on proper weeding. (If you claim to have worked four hours weeding a pathway and we find this not to be the case, you will not be permitted to continue working with this group.)
  10. If at all possible, it is suggested to take before and after pictures, in case of any disputes. These may be emailed when you report your hours.

For more information or to report hours worked please: Contact Us.