Community Service

One of Ocean View Farms most important long-term commitments is to continually increase its' awareness and participation within our neighboring community.

This effort is best exemplified through a cooperative effort with the City of Los Angeles to reclaim and reuse city-collected stable waste in conjunction with a vigorous internal composting program. Today, OVF's composting program entails mixing reclaimed stable waste with green organic waste produced in the garden. In 2003, almost 180 tons of shredded soft green waste, 900 cubic yards of woody material and 80 tons of stable waste were combined to produce a virtually unlimited supply of compost for the more than 350 members tending to our 500 garden plots. In addition, almost 300 additional tons of stable waste was processed without green material to produce "gourmet compost." The Ocean View Farms composting program has saved the garden approximately $12,000 per year in disposal fees for each of the last fifteen years.

Furthermore, OVF has helped the City of Los Angeles save over $11,000 annually in transportation and disposal fees by reclaiming the collected stable waste.