OVF Greenhouse Fund Raiser

Saturday - June 15, 2024

10:00 AM

OVF Greenhouse Grown Summer Seedlings Available

$3 - Six-packs$2 - 4-inch pots

  • Basil Mrs Burns Lemon (very bright green leaves with sweet tangy lemon flavor)
  • Basil Thai (a clove/anise flavor with a hint of lemon)
  • Bush Beans Amethyst (upright plant with thin pods to 5", very good flavor raw or cooked)
  • Bush Beans Capitano (pale yellow flat pods to 6", rich flavor)
  • Bush Beans Jade (deep green slender pods 6-7" long , very tender & stringless)
  • Bush Beans Roc d'Or (French-bred bean with round yellow pods & buttery flavor)
  • Cantaloupe Minnesota Midget (heirloom mini cantaloupe, deep orange sweet flesh, compact vines)
  • Eggplant Bride (slender Asian type with cream & lavender streaks, very tender flesh)
  • Eggplant Millionaire (Japanese type with deep purple skin, 8" long fruits, few seeds)
  • Eggplant Rosita (Italian type, lavender-pink tender skin to 8" long)
  • Eggplant Violet Dancer (violet-colored Italian eggplant, mid-sized & non bitter, strong high yielding plants)
  • Mixed Summer Lettuces Adriana, Magenta, Skyphos (heat tolerant & resistant to tip burn)
  • Orlaya White Finch (pure white flowers to 3 1/2" on well-branched plants with strong upright stems)
  • Pepper Bridge to Paris (large plants to 30" with big slender fruits, very sweet when ripe red)
  • Pepper Cubanelle (thin-walled frying pepper, ripens from yellowish-green to red)
  • Pepper Flaming Flare (thin-walled conical-shaped fruits to 4" long, mildly hot)
  • Pepper Lunch Box Orange (sweet snacking pepper than ripens to orange on tall, strong plants)
  • Pepper Pizza Pepper (prolific cone-shaped peppers with thick walls with zingy flavor)
  • Pepper Poblano (3-6" heart-shaped fruit with moderate heat, used to make chile rellenos)
  • Straw Flower Rose (profuse bloomers with large flowers, use fresh or dried)
  • Summer Squash Golden Glory (bright yellow fruit on an open upright vigorous plant, high disease resistance)
  • Summer Squash Green Machine (medium-green with light flecking, high-yielding, good disease resistance)
  • Tomatillo Mexican Strain (A larger tomatillo, about 2" across with a pronounced savory flavor. Plant 2 together for best yield)
  • Tomato Abigail (indeterminate, dark pink fruit with ribbed shoulders, late blight resistant)
  • Tomato Black from Tula (indeterminate, dark chocolate-colored fruits with a smoky flavor)
  • Tomato Bronze Torch (indeterminate, red with yellow streaks, oval-shaped cherry)
  • Tomato Damsel (compact indeterminate with round pink fruits with sweet tangy flavor, late blight resistant)
  • Tomato Plum Regal (determinate, high yielding plum-paste tomato with deep red color, late blight resistant)
  • Tomato Sungold (indeterminate, bright tangerine-orange cherry tomato with very sweet flavor)
  • Winter Squash Butterscotch Butternut (1-2 lbs with rich sweet flavor, powdery mildew resistant)
  • Winter Squash Delicata (oblong-shaped fruit with cream skin & green stripes on compact vines, skin is tender enough to eat)
  • Winter Squash Sunshine Kabocha (vigorous short vines, sweet bright orange flesh & skin)
  • Zinnia Cactus & Salmon (prolific bloomers, attracts pollinators)

For more information: Contact the Greenhouse Keeper.