OVF Greenhouse Fund Raiser

Saturday - October 1, 2022

10:00 AM

OVF Greenhouse Grown Fall and Winter Seedlings Available

$3 - Six-packs$2 - 4-inch pots

  • Broccoli Bravado (big blue-green domed head with many shoots)
  • Broccoli Fiesta (bright green tightly domed heads, compact plants, tolerant to heat and cold)
  • Broccoli Raab Sorrento (quick to mature with large tender stems and florets)
  • Brussels Sprouts Gladius (blue-green, medium-sized sprouts for an early harvest)
  • Bulbing Fennel Trieste (crunchy succulent bulbs, great raw or cooked, bolt-resistant)
  • Cabbage Alcosa (quick to mature Savoy cabbage with crinkled leaves, sweet-tasting)
  • Cabbage Charmant (early variety with blue-green heads, 6-8 " across)
  • Cabbage Conehead (European heritage variety with rounded leaves that taper to a point)
  • Cabbage Minuet (9" tall Napa cabbage, slow to bolt)
  • Cabbage Red Primero (early and compact with deep ruby-red leaves)
  • Calendula Oopsey Daisy (two-toned cream and glowing yellow flowers)
  • Cauliflower Amazing Taste (medium-sized plants with white curds)
  • Cauliflower Bishop (vigorous plant, white curds, self-wrapping)
  • Cauliflower DePurple (big, vigorous plant with lilac-colored curds)
  • Cauliflower Flame Star (pastel orange curds, heat tolerant)
  • Cauliflower Graffiti (dark purple heads on large plants)
  • Cauliflower Song (also known as stick cauliflower with white curds and sweet tender stems)
  • Chard Oriole (dark green savoyed leaves with golden-orange stems)
  • Chard Peppermint (pink and white striped stems with tender green leaves with a white rib)
  • Chard Scarlet Charlotte (magenta-red stems and ribs with edeep green savoyed leaves, compact)
  • Chijimisai (dark green, spoon shaped leaves with buttery spinach-like flavor)
  • Chinese Broccoli Happy Rich (a sprouting broccoli with jumbo-sized florets with ample side shoots)
  • Collards Georgia Southern (Heirloom variety with open, loose cluster of blue-green leaves)
  • Escarole Eliance (dark green leaves with delicate nutty flavor)
  • Escarole Natacha (abundant, tender leaves with mildly bitter flavor)
  • Fava Beans Vroma (large 6-7" pods on strong plants)
  • Frisee Glory (frilly rosettes with crisp, nutty flavor)
  • Herbs Cilantro. Italian Parsley
  • Kale Dazzling Blue (Tuscan-type with a glowing purple midrib, powdery mildew resistant)
  • Kale Dwarf Blue Curled (finely curled blue-green leaves on compact plants)
  • Kale Scarlet (broad, frilly purple leaves on 2-3' tall upright stalks)
  • Kohlrabi Purple
  • Leeks King Richard
  • Mustard Ruby and Emerald Streaks (frilly leaves, dark green or dark maroon with a mild spicy flavor)
  • Mustard Wasabina (bright green leaves with scalloped margins, sweet and mildly spicy)
  • Pac Choi Green Fortune (heat resistant, 6-8 " tall plants with sweet and crunchy leaves)
  • Pac Choi Violetta (rich violet leaves with a crisp texture and sweet flavor)
  • Radicchio Bel Fiore (green and cream leaves with red speckles)
  • Radicchio Indigo (round burgundy-colored heads, 4-5" across)
  • Snow Peas Oregon Giant (large crisp and sweet flat pods on tall mildew resistant vines)
  • Stock Mammoth Excelsior ( 2 ' tall, fragrant, single and double flowers in white, pink and violet)
  • Sugar Snap Peas PL141 (4 1/2 " pods on vigorous vines)
  • Sweet Peas (tall vines with fragrant flowers for cutting)

For more information: Contact the Greenhouse Keeper.