OVF Greenhouse Fund Raiser

Saturday - June 3, 2023

10:00 AM

OVF Greenhouse Grown Summer Seedlings Available

$3 - Six-packs$2 - 4-inch pots

  • Agastache/Hyssop Arcado Pink (easy to grow perennial with spikes of clear pink, adored by bees. deadheading prolongs blooming)
  • Aster Silver Blue (easy to grow cutting flower to 20" tall)
  • Aster Valkyrie Mix (brightly-colored quilled flowers in shades of white, pink, rose & purple, strong stems, great for cutting)
  • Baby's Breath Covent Garden (clouds of petite white double flowers, on upright stems. great bouquet filler)
  • Basil Cardinal (a Thai basil, withsweet cinnamon/clove/anise flavor, showy purple flowers)
  • Basil Opal (glossy deep purple leaves)
  • Basil Prospera (3" glossy dark green leaves, classic Genovese flavor, downy mildew resistant)
  • Bush Bean Dragon Tongue (flat pods of pale yellow marbled with purple streaks, tender & sweet)
  • Bush Bean Jade (6-7", slender, deep green pods, tender, delicious & high yielding)
  • Cucumber Beit Alpha (Persian type, large, smooth & almost spineless)
  • Cucumber Diva (Persian type, thin-skinned with crisp sweet taste, almost seedless)
  • Cucumber Mini Munch (Persian type, crisp, delicious & seedless, best harvested at 3-4" long)
  • Eggplant Millionaire (Japanese variety with deep purple skin, 8" long slender fruits, few seeds)
  • Eggplant Violet Dancer (violet colored Italian eggplant, mid-sized & non bitter, strong high yielding plants)
  • Leeks King Richard (plant in a 6-8" trench to get long white shafts)
  • Oregano Zaatar (ancient Middle Eastern herb, with velvety leaves & a strong pungent flavor)
  • Pepper Biquinho Red (small tear-drop shaped fruit that taste smoky & fruity with mild heat, good fresh or pickled)
  • Pepper Feherozon (Hungarian heirloom, sweet pepper, aging from ivory to red, to 2' tall)
  • Pepper Gatherer's Gold (sweet Italian frying pepper than ripens to golden yellow)
  • Pepper Lunch Box Orange (sweet snacking pepper than ripens to orange on tall, strong plants)
  • Pepper Lunch Box Yellow (sweet snacking pepper than ripens to yellow on tall, strong plants)
  • Pepper Shishito-Mellow Star (thin-skinned & mildly hot Japanese snacking pepper)
  • Pepper Sugar Rush Peach (fruit ripens from ivory to peach, sweet & hot)
  • Summer Squash Mexicana (gray-green zucchini, open bushy habit & excellent disease resistance)
  • Summer Squash Multipik (rich yellow fruits, vigorous bush habit, long harvest period)
  • Tomatillo (indeterminate, vigorous plant with deep green fruit, grow 2 plants for best fruit set)
  • Tomato Cherokee Carbon (indeterminate. cross between Carbon & Cherokee Purple.beefsteake with dark purple-black skin with green shoulders & delicious flavor)
  • Tomato Chocolate Cherry (indeterminate. burgundy-colored skin & flesh, very productive)
  • Tomato Damsel (compact indeterminate. round fruits, pink skin with sweet tangy flavor. late blight resistant)
  • Tomato Galahad (determinate, juicy, sweet & meaty red fruit with late blight resistance)
  • Tomato Japanese Black Trifele (indeterminate. pear-shaped fruit in clusters with mahogany skin & green shoulders)
  • Tomato Juliet (indeterminate. clusters of 2 1/2 " deep red fruits, good disease resistance)
  • Tomato Lime Green Salad (determinate. juicy with amber skin & chartreuse flesh with a tangy, spicy flavor)
  • Tomato Midnight Snack (indeterminate. indigo-type cherry , fruits ripen to dark red with overlay of purple- black, very vigorous)
  • Tomato Northern Lights (indeterminate. golden yellow with red blush, sweet luscious flavor)
  • Tomato Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye (compact indeterminate. rosy-blushed fruit with shiny green skin & yellow streaks)
  • Tomato Pompeii (indeterminate. Italian-bred plum tomate, good for fresh eating & for sauce)
  • Tomato Stellar (determinate. round red fruit with great tomato flavor & resistant to late & early blight)
  • Winter Squash Butterscotch Butternut (1-2 lb with rich, sweet flavor, powdery mildew resistant)
  • Winter Squash Kabocha-Sunshine (vigorous short vine with deep scarlet skin & flesh. 3-5 lbs)
  • Zinnia Summer Pinwheels (double blossoms of cherry-pink centers, tipped with creamy white, tall to 3 ft, a favorite of butterflies)

For more information: Contact the Greenhouse Keeper.