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The OVF Greenhouse

In March of 2011, Ocean View Farms, entered a competition sponsored by Deloach Vineyards in conjunction with Organic Gardening Magazine for a chance to win $4,000.00 to help improve our garden. We submitted a proposal to build a greenhouse for the garden and were chosen as one of the finalist in the competition. Over the next four months, OVF members and friends voted in an online poll, along with about 20 other finalists across the country. In August of 2011, OVF finished among the top five vote-getters, and each of the top five gardens was awarded $4,000.00 to complete their project.

In January of 2012, a proposal was submitted to build a greenhouse, as opposed to purchasing a greenhouse kit, because of the added character it would give to the garden. Once the location was finalized and the materials ordered, construction on the new greenhouse began in May and lasted approximately 3 weekends.

This is a community greenhouse so good sanitation is essential to a clean healthy environment. In order to maintain this type of environment, the following greenhouse rules and regulations will be in effect at all times.

  • Only sterile, commercial seed starting mix or potting soil is to be used
  • NO Garden Soil or Compost is allowed in the greenhouse!
  • OVF is an organic garden, when you fertilize your seedlings, only ORGANIC products are to be used
  • Wash all seed starting containers, flats & hand tools in hot soapy water before bringing into the greenhouse ( peat & paper pots excepted)
  • Mark your flat with your name, phase, plot number & start date, across the front of the flat, using the masking tape and black Sharpie provided
  • Carefully water only your flat, do not get other flats wet UNLESS you have a watering arrangement with another member
  • If the Greenhouse Keeper sees that your flat of seedlings is diseased or bug infested, it will be immediately put outside in the Community Area, with the cause for removal
  • Greenhouse space is on a first-come, first-served basis for 5 weeks at a time. Please sign up with your name & phone number & Greenhouse Keeper will notify you of space availability. After 5 weeks, please move your flat out. Modifications to this time frame may be adjusted seasonally. Hardening off your seedlings will have to take place in your plot
  • Violation of any of these rules will result in the member being prohibited from greenhouse privileges

For more information, or to sign-up to start your own seedlings in the OVF Greenhouse, contact our Greenhouse Keeper Nina Rumely.