OVF Greenhouse Fund Raiser

Saturday - December 5, 2020

9:30 AM

OVF Greenhouse Grown Winter Seedlings Available

$3 - Six-packs$2 - 4-inch pots

  • Broccoli Fiesta (6-7" bright green head, has many side shoots after main head is cut)
  • Broccoli Green Magic (compact variety, heat tolerant with many side shoots after main head is cut)
  • Broccoli Happy Rich (Chinese sprouting broccoli with jumbo florets)
  • Cabbage Pixie (compact green variety, good fresh or cooked)
  • Cauliflower Bishop (white cauliflower)
  • Cauliflower Cheddar (early variety with orange curds)
  • Cauliflower Song (sweet stick cauliflower with long separate stems, very popular in Asia)
  • Celeriac/ Celery Root (medium-large round roots, great in soup)
  • Celery Utah (crisp, often stringless dark green stalks)
  • Chard Gold (large tender leaves with gold-colored stems)
  • Chard Peppermint (large tender leaves with pink & white striped stems)
  • Frisee Glory (also known as curly endive, has crisp, very frilly leaves with nutty flavor)
  • Herbs (Dill, Cilantro & Italian Parsley)
  • Kale Dazzling Blue (Tuscan-type kale with bright pink midrib, powdery mildew resistant)
  • Kale Redbor (frilly deep purple leaves)
  • Kohlrabi (white crunchy variety)
  • Kohlrabi Kolibri (purple kohlrabi)
  • Mustard Greens Ruby & Emerald Streaks (feathery leaves with a delicious mildly spicy mustard flavor, nice in salads)
  • Radicchio Bel Fiore (round heads with red-pink spots on creamy ivory & green leaves)
  • Radicchio Indigo (round heads with burgundy-red color)
  • Red Cabbage Primero (early, compact cabbage, ruby red with sweet taste)
  • Savoy Cabbage Alcosa (early & compact with deep blue-green crinkled leaves)
  • Stocks (tall & fragrant, an excellent cutting flower)
  • Sweet Peas April in Paris (large ruffled blosoms of cream with lilac edges, very fragrant)
  • Sweet Peas Mars (frant, blossoms of crimson & white)
  • Sweet Peas Nimbus (ruffled, frosty gray with dark purple edges, fragrant)
  • Sweet Peas Painted Lady (heirloom from 1737 , very fragrant blossoms, pink & white bicolor)
  • Sweet Peas Violet (fragrant violet blossoms, OVF saved seed)

For more information: Contact the Greenhouse Keeper.