OVF Greenhouse Fundraiser

Saturday - April 7, 2018

12:00 Noon

OVF Greenhouse Grown Spring and Summer Seedlings Available

$3 - Six-packs$2 - 4-inch pots

  • Pepper Mellow Star (a shishito pepper, 1 in 20 is hot)
  • Bush Bean Dragon Tongue (yellow with purple marbling)
  • Cucumber Diva (Persian type, glossy green skin)
  • Hot Pepper Ancho Magnifico
  • Hot Pepper Sugar Rush Peach
  • Mixed Bush Beans Nickel, Roc d'Or, Amethyst (green, yellow & purple beans)
  • Pepper Ajvarski (green ripens to red, great roasting pepper)
  • Pepper Cubanelle
  • Pepper Lunch Box Orange
  • Pepper Zulu
  • Pole Bean Golden Gate (yellow Romano bean, very prolific)
  • Squash Genovese
  • Squash Goldmine
  • Squash Patty Pan (yellow scallop shape)
  • Squash Zephyr (yellow & green with a nutty taste)
  • Tomatillo Rio Grande Verde (determinate plant with large green fruits)
  • Tomato Amana Orange
  • Tomato Blush
  • Tomato Japanese Black Trifele
  • Tomato Legend (round red, blight resistant)
  • Tomato Pierce's Pride
  • Tomato Pineapple
  • Tomato Pink Berkeley Tie Dye
  • Tomato Pompeii
  • Tomato Sungold (orange cherry, very sweet)

For more information: Contact the Greenhouse Keeper.