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Monarch caterpillar on Swan Plant (Asclepius fruticosa)One of nine Monarch caterpillars on my Swan Plant (Asclepius fruticosa). This milkweed keeps its leaves throughout the year. (Photo Credit: Derbeh Vance - C32)
Monarch CaterpillarsMonarch caterpillars on the Milkweed plants near the shredding pile (Photo Credit: Carrie Manaugh)
Milkweed Bugs are NOT Harlequin bugsThese are NOT Harlequin bugs.
To see what a Harlequin bug looks like go to
http://entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/veg/leaf/harlequin_bug.htm (Photo Credit: Dean Cleverdon 12/08/2012)
Milkweed Bugs (oncopeltus fasciatus)Milkweed bugs feed on the nutrient rich flower buds and seed pods. http://biology.duke.edu/dukeinsects/Oncopeltus_fasciatus.php (Photo Credit: Dean Cleverdon 12/08/2012)
Milkweed Bugs (oncopeltus fasciatus)Milkweed Bugs feed on milkweed plants. They have elongated bodies which are reddish-orange with black spots. (Photo Credit: Dean Cleverdon 12/08/2012)
False Garlic, Nutgrass, Devil WeedNutgrass and False Garlic (upper & lower left) should never be put in the compost pile because it cannot be killed by the heat. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon 03/04/2012)
OVF 101 - March 4, 2012Judith and Nina discussed a variety of topics including soil preparation, weeds, planting schedules, tools and much more. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon / N. Nyberg)
Compost TemperatureIt is important that the compost temperature heats up to between 140°-160° Fahrenheit in order to kill weed seeds and pathogenic organisms.
Green Waste Trash BinsTrash bins for noxious weeds in the lower composting area.
Green Waste Trash BinTrash bin for noxious weeds in the upper composting area. All noxious weeds should be put in the green waste bins which are handled separately when they are picked up.
Nutgrass - Noxious WeedNutgrass is another noxious weed which does not break down during the composting process.
False Garlic - Noxious WeedFalse garlic is one of the noxious weeds which should not be put in the compost. Plants should be thrown out in one of the green waste trash bins.
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