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Monarch caterpillar on Swan Plant (Asclepius fruticosa)One of nine Monarch caterpillars on my Swan Plant (Asclepius fruticosa). This milkweed keeps its leaves throughout the year. (Photo Credit: Derbeh Vance - C32)
Monarch CaterpillarsMonarch caterpillars on the Milkweed plants near the shredding pile (Photo Credit: Carrie Manaugh)
Milkweed Bugs are NOT Harlequin bugsThese are NOT Harlequin bugs.
To see what a Harlequin bug looks like go to
http://entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/veg/leaf/harlequin_bug.htm (Photo Credit: Dean Cleverdon 12/08/2012)
Milkweed Bugs (oncopeltus fasciatus)Milkweed bugs feed on the nutrient rich flower buds and seed pods. http://biology.duke.edu/dukeinsects/Oncopeltus_fasciatus.php (Photo Credit: Dean Cleverdon 12/08/2012)
Milkweed Bugs (oncopeltus fasciatus)Milkweed Bugs feed on milkweed plants. They have elongated bodies which are reddish-orange with black spots. (Photo Credit: Dean Cleverdon 12/08/2012)
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