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GrasshopperNot a friend. (Photo Credit: Don Feinstein. Phase 3 A-48)
Tomato plant with Beet Curly Top Virus (BCTV)BCTV is a virus transmitted by the Beet Leafhopper. Plant becomes stunted, leaves curl up and turn purple. Pull the plant and discard. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon)
Tomato Plant - BCTV infectionTomato plant infected with Beet Curly Top Virus. BCTV is caused by the Beet Leafhopper (Circulifer tenellus). (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon)
Green Keeled Tree Hopper Nymph (Antianthe expansa)Nymph stage of the Keeled Tree Hopper (Antianthe expansa). Hoppers penetrate the cell walls of the stems and suck out the fluids. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon 9/24/2010)
Green Keeled Tree Hopper (Antianthe expansa)It is obvious where the Green Keeled Tree Hopper gets its name. The little horned critters around it are the nymphs. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon 8/7/2010)
Chipping the woodFeeding the cleaned wood into the hopper.
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