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Cistern Project DedicationBlue Cistern Dedication March 12, 2008 (Photo Credit: Dean Cleverdon 3/12/2008)
Lower Composting CisternsTwo 305 gallon water cisterns installed on the east side of the Lower Composting sheds on February 27, 2016. Fence in front of the cisterns protects the pipes and shut-off valves from damage. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon)
Hose Bib - Lower CompostingWater collected from the Blue Cistern and Main Shed Cisterns in the upper garden are directed to this one point: the Lower Composting Hose Bib. A pump in the Chipper Shed increases water flow. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon)
Main Shed CisternsTwo large water cisterns were installed by the NE corner of the Main Shed on 2/27/2016. Each tank holds 1000 gallons of water which is piped down to cisterns in the Lower Composting area. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon)
Blue Cistern for Rain HarvestingIt collects water from the roof of the North Venice Little League storage shed. The working capacity is 1060 gallons of water which is is currently diverted to the Lower Composting Cisterns. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon)
Rain Barrel Installation (June 2015)The barrels capture rain water which would otherwise be lost. Gardeners access the water from spigots at the bottom of the barrels. (Photo Credit: Dean Cleverdon (2015))
Rain Barrel Installation (June 2015)Two 63-gal rain barrels made from from recycled plastic food grade containers were installed June 6, 2015 to collect water from the roof of the tractor shed. (Photo Credit: Dean Cleverdon (2015))
Bountiful HarvestSomeone was giving these away. (Photo Credit: D.Cleverdon 08/18/2012)
OVF DonatesSome of the produce collected from the first OVF Donates collection.
Blue Cistern (Gate 5 - Phase II)The Blue Water Cistern above Phase II (Gate 5) was our first cistern and was acquired in March 2008.
Biointensive Gardening with Christy Wilhelmi 4/17/2010OVF member Christy Wilhelmi displays her Biointensive Gardening harvest. (Photo Credit: Nancy Nyberg 4/17/2010)
Harvest Time at OVFHarvest time in the plot (Photo Credit: Dean Cleverdon 7/26/2009)
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