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Ladybugs - Aphid killersLadybugs hunt down and eat aphids. Release the ladybugs at sunset so they can settle. In the morning they will breakfast on aphids. (Photo Credit: D. Cleverdon (photo taken 8/20/2011))
Taking a break from Tomato Tasting (Photo Credit: Ona Rynearson 8/8/2010)
Sifting the CompostMaterial gets sifted to break down the clods. Trash and sticks are also removed and placed in the appropriate cans.
Turning the MaterialMaterial being turned from the first Intermediate bay into the second Intermediate bay. This aerates the material to keep the organisms alive that keep the composting breakdown going.
Stable WasteThe crew mixes in stable waste with the shredded material then it all gets watered thoroughly. Moisture helps keep the bacteria in the manure alive so they can break down the green waste. Composting needs all three components (green waste, manure and water) to be successful.
Tuesday BreaktimeThe Gourmet Composting and Shredding crews enjoy coffee and snacks when they are finished. It is a great time to socialize with fellow garden members.
Nutgrass - Noxious WeedNutgrass is another noxious weed which does not break down during the composting process.
False GarlicFalse garlic has little bulbs each of which can break off and create a new plant. The bulbs do not break down in the composting process.
Ready for UseGardeners are welcome to take as much stable waste as they want. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the material to break down in your soil before planting.
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