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Woody Green WasteWoody, sticky and/or thorny materials are piled on the left-hand side near the black fence.
Watering the DeliveryWatering helps the composting process and keeps the dust down.
WaterWater is a valued resource at Ocean View Farms.
Turning the MaterialIt takes three turns over several months before the material is finally ready. Hard work but very satisfying when finished.
Turning the MaterialMaterial being turned from the first Intermediate bay into the second Intermediate bay. This aerates the material to keep the organisms alive that keep the composting breakdown going.
Turning ScheduleThe material is turned on a regular basis. Careful notes are kept about when the material is flipped from one bay to another.
Tuesday BreaktimeThe Gourmet Composting and Shredding crews enjoy coffee and snacks when they are finished. It is a great time to socialize with fellow garden members.
Trash in the Stable WasteSamples of trash found in the stable waste. Metal and glass are especially dangerous as they can injure the crew and/or damage the equipment.
Trash in Green WasteSamples of trash found in the green waste. Metal and glass objects are especially dangerous for the crew and equipment if they get into the shredder.
Trash CanAny trash or foreign objects found in the composted material should be placed in the trash can.
Toro TractorDumping stable waste onto the sorting table.
Toro TractorStable waste is moved from the pits to the sorting table using a Toro tractor. That is steam rising from the material.
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