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OVF Composting ProgramOcean View Farms has a comprehensive composting program which benefits the garden, the community and the environment (WRAP award winners for over a decade).
Stable Waste PitsAt the top of the garden are two large pits which contain stable waste (a mixture of horse manure, wood shavings, straw, etc.).
Delivery of Stable WasteOVF is provided with approximately 230 tons of stable waste each year by the City. Here the West Los Angeles Sanitation Department makes a new delivery.
230 Tons per YearEach ton of stable waste used by OVF gardeners helps keep it out of the landfills while keeping our plants happy and healthy.
Environmentally FriendlyThis material will be used by gardeners as raw stable waste, Gourmet compost and in the lower garden compost pits.
Watering the DeliveryWatering helps the composting process and keeps the dust down.
Stable Waste Pits (Front End)Gates in front of the two pits keep the material from spilling out.
Open for BusinessWhen the stable waste is ready for use the gate is removed.
Ready for UseGardeners are welcome to take as much stable waste as they want. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the material to break down in your soil before planting.
Gourmet Compost - Tuesdays - 7:00 a.m.Volunteers work every Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. in the upper composting area to create Gourmet Compost for the garden. All garden members are welcome to participate. This is the table on which the stable waste is sorted before being pushed into the shredder. The Gourmet Compost pit can be seen just beyond the table.
Mighty Mac ShredderThe Mighty Mac shreds the raw stable waste to create Gourmet Compost.
Mighty Mac ShredderMaintenance on the Mighty Mac.
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