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Compost for your GardenAnd there you have it. Compost - good for the environment, good for the community and, ultimately, good for your garden.
Sifted CompostRich sifted compost for your garden.
Sifting the CompostMaterial gets sifted to break down the clods. Trash and sticks are also removed and placed in the appropriate cans.
Compost Ready for UseThe compost is available when the wall of the Ready bay has been removed.
Ready SignThe Ready sign indicates which of the three bays is ready for use.
Compost TemperatureIt is important that the compost temperature heats up to between 140°-160° Fahrenheit in order to kill weed seeds and pathogenic organisms.
Sharing Gourmet CompostGourmet Compost is also shared with other community organizations, gardens and local schoools. Here volunteers from Community Services Unlimited, Inc. pick up a load (check out their website at www.csuinc.org).
OVF Composting ProgramOcean View Farms has a comprehensive composting program which benefits the garden, the community and the environment (WRAP award winners for over a decade).
Stable Waste PitsAt the top of the garden are two large pits which contain stable waste (a mixture of horse manure, wood shavings, straw, etc.).
Watering the DeliveryWatering helps the composting process and keeps the dust down.
Stable Waste Pits (Front End)Gates in front of the two pits keep the material from spilling out.
Open for BusinessWhen the stable waste is ready for use the gate is removed.
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