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Toro TractorDumping stable waste onto the sorting table.
Toro TractorStable waste is moved from the pits to the sorting table using a Toro tractor. That is steam rising from the material.
Mighty Mac ShredderMaintenance on the Mighty Mac.
Mighty Mac ShredderThe Mighty Mac shreds the raw stable waste to create Gourmet Compost.
Gourmet Compost - Tuesdays - 7:00 a.m.Volunteers work every Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. in the upper composting area to create Gourmet Compost for the garden. All garden members are welcome to participate. This is the table on which the stable waste is sorted before being pushed into the shredder. The Gourmet Compost pit can be seen just beyond the table.
Gourmet CompostFinal product ready for use by gardeners.
Mighty Mac ShredderAnother view of the business end of the Mighty Mac.
Gourmet CompostShredded material being blown into Gourmet Compost pit.
Trash in the Stable WasteSamples of trash found in the stable waste. Metal and glass are especially dangerous as they can injure the crew and/or damage the equipment.
Sorting the Stable WasteThe crew sorts out trash and foreign objects before pushing the material into the shredder.
Farmer's Market Green WasteGreen waste from local farmer's markets is also composted.
Green Waste PilesThe combined piles can get very big especially in the summer months. All of this will eventually end up in garden plots as compost rather than in landfills.
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